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Rational Rational SelfCookingCenter 6 Grid 1/1 GN (Electric Combination Oven)

Product Code: SCC61E
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The new range from rational with all new features & usability options. The SelfCookingCenter ovens come with the largest customisation option range there is enabling you to create your perfect oven suited to your exact needs. An internal microprocessor controls the cooking process which can be coupled with a customisation option which enables you to control the appliance from your iPhone. Comple with 3/4" water connection, 1/2" pressure hose and 1.5 - 6.0 bar flow pressure.

This cooking appliance is for automatically cooking foods such as meat, polutry, fish, side dishes/vegetables, egg dishes/desserts, bakery products & for automatic finishing. Features an intelligent system system for optimising mixed loads in production & in a la carte service as a fully automatic cleaning & care system.

This product comes with some very unique & useful features, such as a rear-ventilated triple-glazed cabinet door with 2 hinged inside panes & special heat-reflecting coating, each of these makes this product more efficient with great heat retention. The product further features LED cooking cabinet rack lighting which is durable & requires little to no maintenance but still provides an extremely simple yet useful feature. Furthermore the optical rack signalling function enables the machine to inform you which racks of the machine are ready for loading. The core temperature probe uses 6 measuring points with automatic error correction. Easy climate management is also supplied with this unit as the humidity is measured & set/regulated to 1% accuracy. Actual humidity can be set on the control panel. Dynamic air circulation is a large factor in the efficiency & power of this unit as a reversing wheel fan with 5 spinning speeds is supplied & is also easily programable, all for ease of use & efficiency.

Further Features:

  • Uses LED lighting to signal end of cycle
  • 5 programmable prooofing stages
  • Dynamic air circulation
  • Humidification variable in 3 stages
  • Fast cool down function
  • Free grease extraction system
  • Separate solenoid valves for normal & soft water


  • Remote control function for appliance using software and mobile app
  • iCC-Cockpit – graphically supported overview of the current cooking chamber climate, the expected progress of the cooking process, review and forecast as well as options at the end of cooking
  • iCC Messenger – informs on current and automatic adjustments to the cooking process
  • iCC Monitor – Overview of all automatic adjustments to the cooking process
  • 9 self-configurable, user-specific operating display (images, text, etc.)
  • Record mode – Determination of the ideal cooking path for calibrated products using the core temperature probe for subsequent use without a core temperature probe, with automatic consideration of load quantity
  • Self-learning operation, automatically adapts to actual usage
  • 8.5" TFT color monitor and touch screen with self-explanatory symbols for ease of operation
  • Control second unit from the main unit (units must be connected via ethernet or network)
  • Application and user manuals can be called up on the unit display for the current actions

Gas & electric versions are also available of each model.

Marine & Prison versions available of each model

Rational Oven Options:

Left Stop for Appliance Door - The appliance door can be ordered to a left stop rather than right, making the appliance easier to use in some establishments.

Mobile Oven Rack Package - The internal hanging racks are replaceable with a mobile oven rack - makes unloading your rational appliance simple & comfortable.

Connecting to energy optimization systems - For connecting to energy optimization systems & operating control systems.

Rack Signalling - In iLC mode, the LED lighting indicates which rack can be loaded or unloaded.

Safety Door Lock - The safety door lock protects against injury from hot steam.

3 Externally attachable core temperature probes - With the 3 core temperature probe & iLevelControl option, you can prepare different foods at the same time. (For appliances with right hand doors only)

Sous-vide core temperature probe (Externally attached) for vacuum cooking - The extremely thin & elastic sous-vide core temperature probe is used for cooking with vacuum sealed bags. The vacuum is not destroyed by inserting the probe. (For appliances with right hand doors only)

Externally attachable core temperature probe - The core temperature probe can be attached to the outside of the appliance if required using a connecting socket. (For appliances with right hand doors only)

Integrated fat drain - Any drops of grease are reliably caught in the cooking cabinet & diverted to special grease drip containers.

Prison Version - Protects the Rational appliance against deliberate damage or vandalism. Also prevents it being misused to perpetrate violence against other people. (For appliances with right hand doors only)

Lockable control panel - The control panel is protected with a robust & durable lockable door. (For appliances with right hand doors only)

Marine Version (For electrical appliances only) - Suitable for passenger ships & marine applications. Keeps the operator safe while maintaining functionality - even in rough seas. 

Mobile Appliances - Special frame with 4 stainless steel castors & parking brake for mobile uses.

Ethernet Port - Enables you to incorporate the rational appliance into a network. Appliance link is also possible with an appliance remote control & monitoring from iPhone/iPad using the Rational Remote App.


Model Options:

Stand UG I - Open on all sides - W: 843mm | D: 587mm | H: 671mm

  • Standard - 60.30.320
  • Mobile - 60.30.321

Stand UG II - 14 Pairs of supporting rails. Side walls & top closed, rear side open - W: 843mm | D: 724mm | H: 671mm

  • Standard - 60.30.328
  • Mobile - 60.30.329

Stand UG II bakery stand - 10 Pairs of supporting rails 400x600mm, side panels & top closed, rear panel open - W: 843mm | D: 732mm | H: 671mm

  • Standard - 60.30.836
  • Mobile - 60.30.837

Stand UG II bakery stand UltraVent - 18 Pairs of supporting rails 400x600mm, side panels & top closed, rear panel open, raised to 931mm - W: 843mm | D: 732mm | H: 931mm

  • Standard - 60.30.838
  • Mobile - 60.30.845

Base Cabinet US III - 14 Pairs of supporting rails. - W: 843mm | D: 724mm | H: 671mm

  • Standard - 60.30.334
  • Mobile - 60.30.335

Base Cabinet US III UltraVent - 20 Pairs of supporting rails. Side panels, top & rear panel raised to 931mm - W: 843mm | D: 724mm | H: 931mm

  • Standard - 60.30.337
  • Mobile - 60.30.338

Base Cabinet US IV - 14 Pairs of supporting rails. 2 Double wing doors, closed on all sides - W: 843mm | D: 724mm | H: 671mm

  • Standard - 60.30.344
  • Mobile - 60.30.345

UltraVent Condensation Hood - The condensation technology in UltraVent absorbs & dissipates steam. Simple installation & can be retrofitted at any time. - W: 854mm | D: 1,226mm | H: 450mm

  • Electric - 60.72.320
  • Combi-Duo - 60.72.322

UltraVent Plus Condensation Hood - In addition to the UltraVent technology, UltraVent Plus is equipped with special filters. This prevents both vapours & the lingering smoke that builds while grilling & roasting. - W: 854mm | D: 1,226mm | H: 628mm

  • Electric - 60.72.202
  • Combi-Duo - 60.72.203

Extractor Hood - Steam is automatically fan-extracted when the cabinet door is opened. Simple installation & can be retrofitted at any time. - W: 854mm | D: 1,226mm | H: 445mm

  • Electric - 60.72.313
  • Combi-Duo - 60.72.316

Catering Kit - These accessories are fixed under the appliance in place of the standard feet. The supporting bar along the side is both for protection & handling.

  • 60.73.111

Base Cabinet UG II Catering - 14 Pairs of supporting rails. Closed top & side panels, rear panel open, reinforced at the sides. Four stainless steel castors (200mm). Must be used in conjunction with "catering kit".

  • 60.30.890


Mobile Oven Racks:

Match perfectly with Rational Appliances & are manufactured with the highest quality stainless steel whilst meeting the highest requirements. Ergonomic design for fast loading & use.

Mobile Plate Rack - The Mobile Plate Rack allows you to complete up to 32 finished plates (up to 31cm diameter) 

  • 20 Plates - 60.61.047
  • 15 Plates - 60.61.128

Mobile Oven Rack - For fast & comfortable loading & unloading of the Rational appliance. Can only be used in conjunction with the run-in rail.

  • Standard - 60.61.005
  • 5 Racks - 60.61.059
  • Chicken Grill, 2 Racks - 60.61.064
  • Bakery Standard, 5 Racks - 60.61.061

Run in Rail - You will need the run-in rail if you are using a mobile oven rack

  • Standard - 60.61.226

Transport Trolley - The transport trolley is the perfect supplement to the mobile oven rack. It is used for loading & unloading outside of the appliance & for safely moving food. Perfectly matched to the heights of the the Rational stands & cabinets.

  • Standard - 60.60.020
  • Height Adjustable - 60.60.198
  • Bakery Standard - 60.60.932


Hanging Racks:

Many different versions with different rail spacing & dimensions make them flexible to use.

  • 6 Racks - 60.61384
  • 5 Racks - 60.61.269
  • Chicken Grill, 2 Racks - 60.61.266
  • Meat Trays, 6 Racks - 60.61.254
  • Bakery Standard, 5 Racks - 60.61.247
  • Combi Rack, bakery standard with 1/1 GN, 4 Racks - 60.61.293

Flow Guard - For extracting the exhaust gases via a pipe (180mm diameter)

  • 70.00.737

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