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Lincat 670 Series Hot Cupboard w/ Bain Marie Top 900 x 1125 x 670mm

Product Code: P6B3
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The Panther Range by Lincat offers a variety of features to make it easy for you to select the right product for you. The range of Hot Cupboards here on BuyCatering boasts an entire host of different sizes & accessories to enable you to properly personalise your unit. The 670 Series with Bain Marie (also available in a flat top model) is fully 1/1GN compatible, thermostatically controlled, offers wet or dry heat operation, & much more! All in which make this product more user friendly as well as the optional accessories - meaning the your perfect hotcupboard is only a few clicks away.


  • Units available to take 2, 3, 4 or 5 x 1/1 GN containers up to 150mm deep, various combinations available
  • Thermostatically controlled bain marie top
  • Wet or dry heat operations
  • Drain tap located inside hot cupboard allows fast & easy draining
  • Plus all the benefits of the plain top models
Single Tier3251125320
Twin Tier6151125320
Three Tier9051125320
P6B3-PS3A1-PTS3 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PS3A1-PTS3 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PS3A1-PTS3 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PS3A1-PTS3 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PS3A1-PTS3 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PS3A1-PTS3 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PS3A1-PTS3 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PS3A1-PTS3 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PS3A1-PTS3 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PS3A1 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PS3A1 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PS3A1 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PS3A1 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PS3A1 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PS3A1 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PS3A1 Electrical Power Rating1.8 kW
P6B3-PS3A1 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PS3A1 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PS3A2-PTS3 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PS3A2-PTS3 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PS3A2-PTS3 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PS3A2-PTS3 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PS3A2-PTS3 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PS3A2-PTS3 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PS3A2-PTS3 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PS3A2-PTS3 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PS3A2-PTS3 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PS3A2 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PS3A2 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PS3A2 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PS3A2 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PS3A2 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PS3A2 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PS3A2 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PS3A2 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PS3A2 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PS3A3-PTS3 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PS3A3-PTS3 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PS3A3-PTS3 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PS3A3-PTS3 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PS3A3-PTS3 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PS3A3-PTS3 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PS3A3-PTS3 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PS3A3-PTS3 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PS3A3-PTS3 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PS3A3 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PS3A3 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PS3A3 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PS3A3 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PS3A3 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PS3A3 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PS3A3 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PS3A3 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PS3A3 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PS3H1-PTS3 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PS3H1-PTS3 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PS3H1-PTS3 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PS3H1-PTS3 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PS3H1-PTS3 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PS3H1-PTS3 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PS3H1-PTS3 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PS3H1-PTS3 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PS3H1-PTS3 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PS3H1 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PS3H1 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PS3H1 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PS3H1 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PS3H1 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PS3H1 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PS3H1 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PS3H1 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PS3H1 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PS3H2-PTS3 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PS3H2-PTS3 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PS3H2-PTS3 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PS3H2-PTS3 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PS3H2-PTS3 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PS3H2-PTS3 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PS3H2-PTS3 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PS3H2-PTS3 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PS3H2-PTS3 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PS3H2 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PS3H2 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PS3H2 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PS3H2 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PS3H2 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PS3H2 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PS3H2 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PS3H2 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PS3H2 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PS3H3-PTS3 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PS3H3-PTS3 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PS3H3-PTS3 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PS3H3-PTS3 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PS3H3-PTS3 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PS3H3-PTS3 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PS3H3-PTS3 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PS3H3-PTS3 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PS3H3-PTS3 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PS3H3 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PS3H3 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PS3H3 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PS3H3 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PS3H3 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PS3H3 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PS3H3 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PS3H3 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PS3H3 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PG3A-PTS3 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PG3A-PTS3 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PG3A-PTS3 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PG3A-PTS3 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PG3A-PTS3 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PG3A-PTS3 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PG3A-PTS3 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PG3A-PTS3 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PG3A-PTS3 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PG3A External Height900 mm
P6B3-PG3A External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PG3A External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PG3A Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PG3A Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PG3A Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PG3A Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PG3A Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PG3A 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PG3H-PTS3 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PG3H-PTS3 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PG3H-PTS3 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PG3H-PTS3 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PG3H-PTS3 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PG3H-PTS3 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PG3H-PTS3 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PG3H-PTS3 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PG3H-PTS3 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PG3H External Height900 mm
P6B3-PG3H External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PG3H External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PG3H Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PG3H Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PG3H Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PG3H Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PG3H Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PG3H 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3-PTS3 External Height900 mm
P6B3-PTS3 External Width1125 mm
P6B3-PTS3 External Depth670 mm
P6B3-PTS3 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3-PTS3 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3-PTS3 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3-PTS3 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3-PTS3 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3-PTS3 1/1 Gastronorm Size3
P6B3 External Height900 mm
P6B3 External Width1125 mm
P6B3 External Depth670 mm
P6B3 Internal Height440 mm
P6B3 Internal Width1020 mm
P6B3 Internal Depth540 mm
P6B3 Electrical Power Rating2.8 kW
P6B3 Net Weight112 Kg
P6B3 1/1 Gastronorm Size3

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